Welcome to the Medical Acorn Foundation!

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This is not Dr. James Acorn. When we asked for a photo, this is what he sent us….

Founded in 2015 by James Acorn, our Foundation supports the clinical practice of new and emerging home medical technologies.

Our Foundation is Committed to Three Principles:

  1. Supporting Online Health Education – While it’s true that there are some skills (i.e. like training for Phlebotomy venipunctures) that you can’t learn online, we are committed to bringing education about health issues to the general public. Educating people on preventative medicine will save our entire health care industry billions of dollars in the coming decades. We support a number of online education initiatives to educate and certify aspiring medical professionals, as well as the general public on health issues that directly concern them.
  2. Supporting Emerging Home Medical Technologies – We believe that the next great technological revolution will happen in home medicine: one day most of your medical needs will be provided in your very own home! We want to support these new technologies through their infancy period and hopefully one day you will be able to assess every weird mole and unexplained ache without leaving your very own home! We have supported several medical apps like Medscape and the New England Journal of Medicine.
  3. Educating Medical Professionals in the Latest Technologies and Practices – A Doctor’s training doesn’t end when he graduates medical school. A Doctor is always learning of more effective and healthful strategies for caring for her or his patients. We are devoted to educating Doctors on our mailing list through our Newsletter. As we undergo this medical revolution, we need to keep our Doctors informed so that they can implement these new treatments safely and effectively.

While the Medical Acorn Foundation is in its infancy, we have substantial funding from James Acorn himself, as well as several wealthy families’ trusts. We believe we can be at the forefront in helping our society become a more healthful, longer living society. Imagine a world where health care costs are negligible because everyone is healthy. We believe its possible, and with the progression of medical knowledge we will get there within our lifetimes.